SGMS History of the Written Word


Students in the World History class at SGMS participated in the History of the Written Word activity.  Students moved through stations that included making Papyrus paper from Egypt, writing cuneiform in clay from Sumer, examining calligraphy techniques, the process of moveable type from Gutenberg, and that most ancient of writing techniques, the electric typewriter. Students […]

Morocco Global Collaboration


Students from the Assadaka School in Guelmim, Morocco along with their guest Ste. Genevieve Middle School teacher, Mr. Rhett Oldham, participated in Global Collaboration related to World History. World History student teacher, Mr. Broc Kreitler, contacted Moroccan students and Mr. Oldham to collaborate on similarities and differences between cultures and to allow students to create […]

Dimick Recognized for Do The Right Thing

SGMS student, Tommie Dimik, was honored at the Do the Right Thing ceremony on March 21st. Tommie was recognized at the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Headquarters.   Here is what Ste. Genevieve Middle School teacher, Ms. Erin Stoll, had to say about Tommie; ”Tommie, or Dimick as I like to call him, is in my 4th-hour class. Our […]

Polar Plunge Sends Special Olympians to State


On March 24th, the Ste. Genevieve High School “Jellybeans” and Student Council teamed up with the Ste. Genevieve County Community Center to host the “First Annual Ste. Genevieve Special Olympics Polar Plunge”. The event was hosted at Lake Forest Estates Marina. Sixteen teams were formed, and in total, 107 people took the plunge. Plungers included school groups and […]

SGMS Excels at Missouri History Day Regional Competition


Students at Ste. Genevieve Middle School competed in the National History Day Regional competition at Southeast Missouri State University. The contest requires students to conduct extensive research on the historical subject they choose. The theme this year was, “Conflict and Compromise”. Students could create documentaries, exhibits, papers, performances or websites. This impressive group of students […]

SGMS Joust


A joust is defined as a fight between mounted knights wearing armor and using lances. Jousting was a favorite form of entertainment during the Middle Ages. The joustings took place at Medieval tournaments which provided a venue for Knights to practice various forms of combat to the delight, and for the amusement, of crowds of onlookers. […]

Middle School Wrestling

There were twenty-one students that represented the Ste. Genevieve Middle School Wrestling Team.  The team consisted of thirteen 8th graders and eight 7th graders.  Most Valuable Player (MVP) for the season was Gavin Gross.  Most Improved for the season went to Will Vaughn. Aaliyah Rhinehart represented the team as Manager. The 8th-grade wrestling records were as […]

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