SGMS Joust

A joust is defined as a fight between mounted knights wearing armor and using lances. Jousting was a favorite form of entertainment during the Middle Ages. The joustings took place at Medieval tournaments which provided a venue for Knights to practice various forms of combat to the delight, and for the amusement, of crowds of onlookers.

Students at Ste. Genevieve Middle School recreated the days of Middle Age Europe in the Old Gym at SGMS. Knights dressed in hockey helmets, shoulder pads, and cardboard shields then road their trusty rolling chair pushed by their faithful steeds (fellow students) in a clash for the ages!

While waiting to joust, teams worked on their jousting talents in the skills area. Students had a great time learning about the Middle Ages.

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Updated: 7 Mar 2018 — 1:42 pm
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