At Bloomsdale Elementary we take the safety of our children seriously.  Parents trust us to take care of their child in their absence and we truly want to make this the safest learning environment as possible for our students.  Students and parents should not have to worry about their child while that child is at our school.  Therefore, we have implemented the use of a computer program to ensure your child is only released to an approved, by you, adult and Kid Account will help us do this better.  

When you fill out your child's enrollment form you list people who are approved as emergency contacts and are able to pick your child up from school.  This is the list of people who will pop up on our screen, so we need you to ensure these are the people you want picking your child up from school.  We will be following the information you have entered for your child, so it is imperative that you keep up to date on the online enrollment form.  

Thank you so much for your patience with us on using this new system and for helping us to keep your child safe!