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August 2017
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The 80s’ Dance

The 80s’ Dance

By Alison Braun and Jaden Wehner


The Time Traveler’s Club is hosting an 80s’ dance.  It will be held on April 7th, 2017, from 5-8 pm.  Come and support the club, for all money will be raised for all the club’s necessities.  The dance will be $7 per person, including 2 slices of your pizza choice.

The dance will be great fun and totally tubular!  The Time Traveler’s Club is the SGMS history club created by Ms. Keim, Mr. Kreitler, and Mr. McDaniel.  We hope you can make it with your 80s’ attitude on and jam out to some great hits!



8th Grade Celebration


At the end of every 8th grade year, the teachers hold a celebrations for them. They think that after three years of middle school, they deserve a day to celebrate their accomplishments. They also want to wish us a good time and good luck in high school. They grill hot dogs and hamburgers for us and have activities for us to play. The 8th grade Student Council members help set it up and organize it. They call and figure out what food and what activities to do.

This year they picked a fun field day. When the bell rings in the morning, the eighth graders will stay in the gym and then they will go down to the field. They will have competitions to play and a schedule worked out. We do not know when it will end, but most likely 3.  This will take place on May 5th and we will be down on the football field. The shirts are being made as of right now, but when they are finished 8th graders will be given this t-shirt.. All the 8th graders will be put into teams and each team will have a team colored bandana. Some of the games will be flag football, kickball, and water games. They will need to bring extra money if they would like Kona Ice or drinks. There will also be a video shown at the end of the day. It will be all the memories of the 8th graders, made by the Publications class. We can not wait and we know the 8th graders can’t either!


by Brooke Turner and Makenzie Pinkley


5th Grade Orientation

On March 9th, 2017 the upcoming 6th graders were presented an assembly explaining all of the fun things about middle school for next year. Choir and band performed in the Performing Arts Center to give the 5th graders an idea what the program is about. Some middle school buddies gave 5th graders tours around the school and some of the students explained either sports or clubs. Some of the club and sports explained were Volleyball, Basketball, Science Club, and Time Travelers.

Thank you to all middle school students that presented different clubs and classes for the upcoming sixth graders and a very big congratulations to the choir and band students for their outstanding performance to show the fifth graders what SGMS is all about! The upcoming sixth graders seemed very enthusiastic about their journey through middle school.


By: Ellie Naeger and Emma Pfaff


Track Meets

The first track meet was Thursday, March 23. It was at Ste. Genevieve’s track and football field. The first track meet was an open meet which means it doesn’t count for anything. It is like a practice meet to get all the athletes ready for invitational meets. The next track meet is at Park Hills middle school on Tuesday, March 28. This meet is also an open meet. The first invitational meet is on Tuesday, April 4th at Jackson middle school.


The field events that are held at these track meets are long jump, triple jump, high jump, pole vault, discs, and shot put. The running events that are held at these track meets are, 4×4, 4×8, 4×2, 4×1, 200 meter dash, 100 meter dash, 400 meters, and 800 meters. There are also 100 meter hurdles for the boys and the girls.  For the long distance runners, they run the mile and the 800. They also run the 4×8.

By: Maci Reynolds and Taylor Kenser


Middle School Volleyball

BY: Marysa Flieg

If any 7th and 6th grade girls want to play on the Ste. Genevieve Middle School volleyball team next year there are requirements. You will need to turn in a physical and an insurance form in order to tryout. You will need to turn that in before tryouts which is the first day of the school year, next year. The tryouts and practices will be from 3:15-5:00. The coaches for the 8th graders is Coach Hogenmiller and the 7th grade is Coach Cherry soon to be Coach Womack.

Book Reports

By: Adrien DeRousse


Book Reports are due May 10th for all grades. It is the last book report for the school year.  We encourage you to get a book before map testing because when you are done with your test you can’t get on your computer. Please don’t wait until the last minute because this will be one of your last grades for the quarter!


History Fair

History fair at SEMO was on March 3.  All the students that participated did a great job.  The ones who qualified for Mizzou were Devin St. Clair, Quentin Ponder, Finn Cavanaugh, Annie Yang, Ashlyn Wolk, Blake Dallas, and Luke Basler.


The websites that won had to be registered by March 29th.  The judging will take place on April 29th.  Students will go up the night before and stay at a hotel in Columbia.  The next day the students’ projects will be judged by the professors at Mizzou.  If one of the students wins they will advance on to Washington D.C. for the national judging.

 By: Blake Dallas and Luke Basler

Map Testing

By Kirkland Cofer


The yearly MAP test is coming up fast.  The official date we will start testing is April 3rd.  Sixth grade students will be tested over math and english.  Seventh graders will be tested over the same subjects.  Eighth grade, however, will be tested over English, math, and science.  The first subject the students will be tested over is English. The second subject will be science.  Then everyone will end with taking the math portion! Good luck guys!


Map Bootcamp

By Quentin Bogan

MAP Bootcamp will be every Thursday instead of tutoring.  You will be reviewing ELA, math, and science.  Your teachers will do a Kahoot and a Quizlet Live and then will talk to you about a certain subject around the end of Advisory. Make sure you will take it seriously and do a good job so your teachers will choose you as their MAP superstars.

Community Center Trip

On Friday, March 31, 2017 students who have sold 15 or more Cookie Dough items will have the opportunity to get a day off school. The field trip will be at the Ste. Genevieve County Community Center. This field trip is to honor and celebrate those who have chosen to be proactive in their school. Around 2:30 students will be gathered together and be transported back to SGMS.

There will be several activities during the celebration. These activities include: swimming, basketball, volleyball, etc. There will be an open gym as soon as the students arrive at 9:30, and then swimming is scheduled from 10:30 to 12:30. After that, students will have lunch, and then continue to play games. Pizza, chips, and a drink will be provided to each student. Kona Ice will also be there for any student who wishes to purchase a snow cone.

Thank you to all students that participated. Your contributions to Ste Genevieve Middle School help us maintain our good reputation. We appreciate how hard you work and the dedication you have to making your school a better place. We hope you will continue to set an example for your classmates.

By: Brittney Kreitler, Emma Pfaff, and Addie Taylor