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December 2017
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Back to School Dance

Back to School Dance

By: Calvin H and Cole P


The dance is Friday September 8th and $7 to get in and it includes 2 slices of pizza. If you go to the dance then you can dance with your friends. You can also talk to your friends and hangout. It is from 5 to 8PM. Come and enjoy the music and you can sing your heart out. Also you can dance like nobody’s watching. It will be in the Old Gym and you have to come in the the door by the office.


There is a 10 minute break for you to eat your pizza and get something to drink.  At the dance there will be snacks and candy, and soda for sale in the hall.  If you want a song played, you can have it requested, make sure it is school appropriate. We have a lot of most played songs like, Wobble, cupid shuffle, and most recent pop songs. Make sure to be there!




By: Savannah Moran

Hello SGMS, Are you interested in a yearbook? If so they are for sale right now for $17! Don’t  miss out, they are only $17 from now until October 27th from there they are $20.  The yearbook has all of the amazing memories and pictures from 2017-2018 school year. Publications is designing the yearbooks. If we raise enough money from Hat Day we can donate a yearbook to the Administration and Board Members.  Yearbook order forms are in Mrs.Womack’s room if you are interested.


Face Paint

Buddy Facepaint

By: Abby Moore


Every Friday SGMS buddies will be hosting a buddy booth with face painting, Ste. Gen tattoos, and other spirit items.  This event will be held in the morning in the old middle school gym.  The cost of a water tattoo, any facepaint design of your choice, or a spirit item is 50 cents.  The Buddy Booth will be now through the end of the Ste. Gen High School football season. So, visit the booth on Friday to support the SGMS Buddy Program and your Ste. Gen Dragons!


Choir Fundraiser

 Choir Fundraiser

By: Mackenzie Hogenmiller  & Christian Kiefer

The SGMS Advance Choir is holding a fundraiser for new things in the classroom and for more field trips. If you go online to or you can purchase if you know anyone in the advanced choir. We are selling LOTS of candy and amazing cookie dough that is pre portioned AND you get 24 cookies in one package for 16$! Also you can get some amazing wrapping paper, any customized items, around the house items, and you can go on our website to find even more items.

The choir fundraiser will end September 6th!  The items are presented on a magazine, and if you visit the website you could get so much more things, there are DOUBLE the amount of stuff on the website, so make sure you check it out ! You could always go to Mrs. Jokerst room in the PAC by the Green Room! So please buy items from the SGMS advanced choir.


Lead Groups

By:  Abigail Gifford

Lead groups are like clubs, but there is no meet-ups after school or major events.  IIn SGMS there are 27 lead groups.  Such as SGMS Mainly Men, it is about how to be like a gentleman.  Ceiling Tile Art Work, painting or drawing on a ceiling tile so when someone looks up, that person sees a picture or word of something the teacher likes or is a fan of.  Spirit Club, show how much someone loves school by doing activities to improve the school.  #likeagirl, this group talks about how to group up popular and noticed.  Global Collaboration Club, talks about the earth.  Fantasy Sports Club, mostly sports and athletic group activities.  Board Games,  does games such as checkers, chinese checkers, tic-tac-toe, etc.  Bloxels, how to make small games and programming.  Career Knowledge, describes jobs for the kids when they grow up.  Reading Buddies, reading to small children and group reading.  Yoga, Meditation, and Relaxation, includes different types of way to feel relaxed.  Embroidery, sewing and embroidering.  All About Hair, talks about different types of ways to makes you hair better and cleaner by testing different shampoos and conditioner.  Random Acts of Kindness, acts of kindness to people who need it.  Comic Club, includes how to draw comics.  Science Madness, helps with the science fair.  Recycle and Respect The Earth,  recycling and keep the school clean.  Color Your World, coloring the school.  Walk Away Your Worries, involves walking around the school to clear your mind.  Jellybean Conspiracy, involves the special needs kids and helping them with situations.  DRAGON Chords, talks about the instruments for practicing.  Photography, talking picture all over the school.  Card Games, involves playing card games such as Poker, Rumay, and Solitaire.  Brain Teasers, A student asks a riddle at the beginning of the day, during the announcements, and then the students who get the correct answer for the riddle get a prize.  Sewing, makes pillows or small toys.  Go Fly a Kite, flying a kite to relax!  Chess Club, playing chess.    I hope that other schools will do this as well.

Middle School Football

Middle School Football
By: Mason Gegg and Logan Breeden
Coaches and Players
7th Grade
The coaches of the 7th grade team are Mr. Koenig and Mr. Thompson. Mr. Koenig mainly works with the offense on the 7th grade football team. He helps the wide receivers and the halfbacks and full-backs. Mr. Thompson mainly works with the defense on the 7th grade. He helps the linemen, linebackers, safeties and the cornerbacks. There is 19 players on the 7th grade team.
8th Grade
The coaches of the 8th grade team are Mr. Roth and Mr. Gibson. Mr. Roth mainly works with the offense on the 8th grade team. He helps the wide receivers and the halfbacks and full-backs. Mr. Gibson mainly works with the defense on the 8th grade team. He helps the linemen, linebackers, safeties and the cornerbacks. There is 25 players on the 8th grade team.

SGMS Football Teams’ Game Schedules
DeSoto Dragons: Away game, September 7th, on Thursday, at the DeSoto Dragons Middle School Football Field, starting at 5:00.
Windsor: Home game, September 14th, Thursday, and it starts at 4:00 p.m.
Fredericktown: Away game , Thursday, September 21, starting at 4:00 p.m.
Central: Home game, Thursday, September 28th, at 4:00 p.m.
Potosi: Away game, Thursday October 5th, at 4:00 p.m.
Perryville: Home game, Thursday October 12th, at 4:00 p.m.
If you go to any of these games, be sure to support our Dragons by wearing green and white!

Mr. Draper

A little bit about Mr Draper

By: Blake, Wes, and Landen.


Mr.Draper is the new 8th grade and Freshmen counselor, here is a little about him.  Mr. Draper’s favorite sport is baseball, he is a Cubs fan. He worked in junior high section in Cape Girardeau before he came to work at Ste Gen. This is Mr. Draper’s 6th year in education.  He went to high school in Cobden Illinois and their school mascot was an Appleknocker.


Mr. Draper went to 3 different colleges: Junior College in Rend Lake, Judson University, and Southeast Missouri for 2 years.  He went to college for 6 years. He bowhunts in Illinois. Welcome to the Ste. Gen family Mr. Draper!


Hat Day

Hat Day By: Etta Heller, Jessica Brown, and Megan Grissom


Hat day is coming up on September 8. You can bring in a hat to help support publications. The money we raise will be going towards buying the SGMS faculty years books. If there is money left over yearbooks might be donated to others. The money that we raise will also be put toward making the yearbook.


If you chose to wear a hat, then you’ll have to donate a dollar.  Give it to Mrs.Womack when you get in the school in the morning. .  When she collects the money she will give you a sticker to put on your hat.  Make sure that it is in a spot where it won’t fall off.  This is a very important day so we can raise money for the year books that we can donate to the staff.


        The Hat Day is a special day because were are not allowed to wear hats at school. This day allows us to wear an appropriate hat at school by only a cost of a dollar. . For an example your favorite sports team hat or a hat from vacation.


Sports Events!

Sports Events!

By: Ashlee Bieberly, Jayden Pullins, & Izzy Basler



  • 8th and 7th grade Gatorade Game is Wednesday, August 30th

  • First volleyball game 8th and 7th grade, Thursday, September 7th

  • Volleyball shirts will be here in the next 2 weeks

  • Make sure you come to support the team!!


  • First meet is september 9th at forest park

  • XC T-shirts coming In October

  • They run about 4 miles a day

  • You can still join the team


The 7th and 8th grade Gatorade game is Wednesday, August 30th. Please bring gatorade for our girls, and come to support SGMS!! The first actual Volleyball Game is Thursday, September 7th.  The girls are versing Bismark. You also should attend that game to support them! It will mean a lot to our girls!

You can still join the Cross Country team. The XC runners run about 4 miles a day. Some days at practice you will run on the High School track. Other days you will run to the park and Valley Springs.  Throughout the year you will learn different routes.


First meet is September 9th at Forest Park. The meet will start at 2:30pm the bus will depart at 6:00am. Make sure you bring plenty of water! The XC shirts will arrive in October if you would like to purchase one! Let’s go DRAGONS!


The 80s’ Dance

The 80s’ Dance

By Alison Braun and Jaden Wehner


The Time Traveler’s Club is hosting an 80s’ dance.  It will be held on April 7th, 2017, from 5-8 pm.  Come and support the club, for all money will be raised for all the club’s necessities.  The dance will be $7 per person, including 2 slices of your pizza choice.

The dance will be great fun and totally tubular!  The Time Traveler’s Club is the SGMS history club created by Ms. Keim, Mr. Kreitler, and Mr. McDaniel.  We hope you can make it with your 80s’ attitude on and jam out to some great hits!