Student Services

Student Services plays a vital role in ensuring the needs of all students are met and that the district remains in compliance with the many state and federal guidelines and laws that govern us. The goal of this department is to provide prevention, intervention, transition, and follow-up services for students and families. The professionals in theStudent Services Department help to remove barriers that prevent students from learning. Direct services to students and families are provided through consultation, education, counseling, and individual assessment.

Responsibilities of the Department Include:

  • 504 Plans
  • Billback
  • Dyslexia Screening
  • Early Childhood Special Education
  • English Learners/Migrant Education
  • Foster Care
  • Health Services
  • Homebound Services
  • Local Tax Effort
  • McKinney-Vento Act-Homelessness
  • Parents as Teachers
  • Preschool
  • Proportionate Share Services
  • School-Based Therapy & Youth Day Treatment
  • School Counseling Department
  • SDAC/Direct Billing-Medicaid
  • Special Education Department
  • Special Education Finance