Red Ribbon Week Celebrated

Red Ribbon Week is a very important week for our community youth.  This educational week would not be possible without the support of our community.  This program is fully funded by our community business organizations.   The business organizations of Ste. Genevieve County provided generous donations to the program again this year.  On behalf of the schools in Ste. Genevieve County, we would like to extend a sincere thank you for the generosity shown to the students in this county.  You have truly enhanced this worthy cause for our children.

Red Ribbon Week was celebrated this past week with various activities occurring for students on a daily basis.  On October 5, Mayor Hassler officially declared October 23 – October 27 as the official celebration for our Red Ribbon campaign. City and county law enforcement, as well as several students representing SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions), were present at the signing to kick off the campaign.

At a meeting in August with representatives from both public and parochial county schools, the theme was chosen and weekly agendas for student participation were formulated for elementary and secondary students.  The theme for the 2017 campaign was “I Love my Drug Free Selfie”.   Each day gave students the opportunity to participate in activities that would model positive decisions and help prevent them from doing drugs and making destructive choices in life.

Mrs. Beth Giesler, Assistant Principal of Ste. Genevieve Middle School, organized the schedule of events for the Pre-K through 12th-grade students in Ste. Genevieve County.  Along with local law enforcement officers and the county drug dog, Ryker, 16 individual programs were presented to our county youth.  This program was conducted at local preschools, and all public and parochial elementary, middle and high schools.  Programs in the community began on Tuesday, October 18, and continued through Wednesday, October 25.

Most schools conducted daily and weekly contests for students who participated in the Red Ribbon Week Activities.  All students received a red ribbon for the week.  There were various prizes awarded to students for week-long participation as well as for participation in various contests.

Carey Portell from the Think First Organization came to Ste. Genevieve Campus and shared her story of survival after being involved in a drunk driving collision.  She focused on getting students grades 6-12 to think about how their choices can affect not only their own future but the future of innocent people around them.  Valle Catholic schools grades 8-12 also joined the presentation.  Many students stated, “she really got us thinking”.  “Her story was very moving and emotional.”

Abra-Kid-Abra was also invited to speak to student grades 3-5 about staying drug-free while performing magic tricks that kept the students on the edge of their seats.

It was an outstanding week of celebrating positive choices.  Student participation from the elementary level to seniors in high school was high throughout the community. The Red Ribbon Week campaign is about encouraging students to make positive decisions in life when it comes to the destructive obstacles that life can and will put before them.  This campaign would not be possible if it were not for the people organizing the week, student participation, and the tremendous support from this community.

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