EMPLOYEE Spotlight

Kristi Byington

“Mrs. Byington is such a great co-worker and has made our transition back to school so easy and made sure we had everything we need to start the first week. She also worked so hard this past year and over the summer to make sure our ELA curriculum was ready to go!”

- December — Kristi Byington

Darla Bahr

“We have the best secretaries! They are in the frontline every single day, supporting everyone — our administrators, teachers and staff, parents and students. We appreciate them both! Thank you for everything you do for BLE!”

- December — Darla Bahr

Friend of BLE Hope Dougherty

Our first Friend of BLE for the 23-24 school year is Hope Dougherty, our PTO president. She has done so much for our school in so little time in her position, organizing and planning many fun new events and fundraisers, and getting other families involved!"

- Friend of BLE Hope Dougherty

Lynette Pfaff

“Ms. Pfaff tackled the new testing initiatives and is sharing her knowledge with everyone. She spends hours of her own time entering data & finding answers to our questions. No matter the obstacles, she comes to school each day with a smile. We appreciate all that she does!"

- November — Lynette Pfaff

Julie Meyrose

“Mrs. Meyrose has stepped right into her new position so fabulously and has been a great addition to BLE. Her kindness makes students feel right at home. Mrs. Meyrose shows great initiative and is willing to try new things with students. We are so grateful for her!”

- November — Julie Meyrose

Nichole Cyr

“Mrs. Nichole Cyr is always ready to lend a hand when a coworker might need it. She genuinely cares about her co-workers. She also got our first building potluck organized! She makes the culture strong at BLE, and we are so lucky to have her!”

- October — Nichole Cyr

Michelle Bader

“Michelle worked hard all summer making sure our school was in the best condition. Her hard work does not go unnoticed! She is also always so happy and helpful with staff and students. Michelle puts in time over and above her normal work schedule. We are so lucky to have her

- October — Michelle Bader

Michelle Grigaitis

“Mrs. G is always helping out where ever she may be needed. She has an infectious positive attitude and is always exuding patience. She is supportive of her students’ progress and celebrates their successes. We are so lucky to have Mrs. G at BLE!”

- September — Michelle Grigaitis

Dana Palmer

“Mrs. Palmer shines at BLE! She is a great team member and friend. She is wonderful to work with and is a huge asset to our team. Dana is always smiling while doing what needs to be done to support her students and help others. BLE is lucky to have her!”

- September — Dana Palmer