EMPLOYEE Spotlight

Michele Pellikan

“Mrs. Michele Pellikan, everyone’s favorite mentor, big sister, & general spreader of sunshine, will be so missed next year. She is always so kind to everyone around her. She is never not smiling. Michele is dedicated to her students, giving them her all. She has been such an important and influential part of our SGMS family. Thank you for all that you have done for our students and staff, Mrs. Pellikan!”

- March - Michele Pellikan

Kelly Jokerst

“Mrs. Kelly Jokerst—teacher, sponsor, professional development guru and boy band aficionado—is a valuable member of our SGMS team! She has been a rock star with River PD this year, working tirelessly to ensure that the event was a success. She forms personal connections with her students, and she knows them better than they know themselves sometimes. Thank you for always being a rock star among rock stars!”

- February - Kelly Jokerst

Katie Deimund

“Mrs. Katie Deimund, our esteemed scientist and friend, is always a positive ray of light. She is always doing what is best for our students. Though she never wants to be in the spotlight, Katie is always a leader by example. Students look up to her because of her kind and understanding nature, but also because of her high expectations for everyone. Thank you for all that you do for our students here at SGMS!”

- January - Katie Deimund

Dr. Ed Draper

“Dr. Draper is always putting the students first. Dr. Draper treats everyone with integrity and compassion; he is such a strong role model for our students. Thank you for being the sort of rock star who garners such recognition.”

- December — Dr. Ed Draper

Madison Lappe

“Ms. Madison Lappe has done an amazing job so far this year. Madison is a great fit into the Wrecking Crew, and we love working with her. Thank you for everything you do for our students and all of SGMS!"

- November — Madison Lappe

Rachel McDaniel

“Mrs. McDaniel always has a positive spirit and is pleasant to be around. She is passionate about teaching and works hard as a coach. Congratulations, Rachel, and thank you for being such a caring and professional role model for our students!”

- October — Rachel McDaniel

Mallory Wipfler

"Ms. Wipfler is always working hard and takes care of anything we need. She handles all tasks with a smile and positive attitude— all while taking on new roles. Everyone loves being around Mallory! Congratulations!"

- September — Mallory Wipfler