EMPLOYEE Spotlight

Dr. Ed Draper

“Dr. Draper is always putting the students first. Dr. Draper treats everyone with integrity and compassion; he is such a strong role model for our students. Thank you for being the sort of rock star who garners such recognition.”

- December — Dr. Ed Draper

Madison Lappe

“Ms. Madison Lappe has done an amazing job so far this year. Madison is a great fit into the Wrecking Crew, and we love working with her. Thank you for everything you do for our students and all of SGMS!"

- November — Madison Lappe

Rachel McDaniel

“Mrs. McDaniel always has a positive spirit and is pleasant to be around. She is passionate about teaching and works hard as a coach. Congratulations, Rachel, and thank you for being such a caring and professional role model for our students!”

- October — Rachel McDaniel

Mallory Wipfler

"Ms. Wipfler is always working hard and takes care of anything we need. She handles all tasks with a smile and positive attitude— all while taking on new roles. Everyone loves being around Mallory! Congratulations!"

- September — Mallory Wipfler