EMPLOYEE Spotlight

Kristen Barnes

“Mrs. Barnes strives to make us the best humans. Not only does she teach us well but she applies situations to the real world so we understand it better. She includes everyone in classroom discussions to know more about how they think. Her dedication & hard work really shows! Her positive mood & smile is so contagious!”

- November — Kristen Barnes

Jeremy Mueller

“Mr. Mueller makes a conscious effort to make sure all of his students are learning real-life lessons & mechanical comprehension. He encourages students to use critical thinking to figure out problems for themselves. He gets to know each student & finds their strong points."

- November — Jeremy Mueller

Ian Diamond

“No matter how challenging his class can be, Mr. Diamond always makes sure that we understand the lessons. He makes our workspace & classroom an environment where we can feel peace & comfort with calming music & LED lights. Each day I am excited to learn something new."

- October — Ian Diamond

Tyson Roth

“Mr. Roth is such a hard worker and does SO much for our school to make it better. Days where I feel overloaded by my work, he understands and tries to help the best he can. Our school definitely wouldn’t be what it is today without him.”

- September — Tyson Roth