Viking Ship Museum Virtual Tour

When you study Vikings, so many great and exciting things come to mind.  Where did they travel?  Who did they conquer?  How did they get there?  Ellen Maris Naess, curator of the Viking Ship Musuem in Oslo, Norway, took the students of SGMS on a tour of the Viking Ship Museum along with cameraman, Elnar Ravndal.  Students learned so much about the Viking ships and culture.

The event was held January 25th and hosted in the R.W. Thomas library under the guidance of Carrie Staffen and Nicole Bennett.  Over 160 middle school students attended the event as well as students in 7 other countries around the world.  This was a great example of Global Collaborations at its finest and a fun event for the students!
For more information and pictures, go to this link:
Updated: 2 Feb 2018 — 9:03 am
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