Dimick Recognized for Do The Right Thing

SGMS student, Tommie Dimik, was honored at the Do the Right Thing ceremony on March 21st. Tommie was recognized at the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Headquarters.  

Here is what Ste. Genevieve Middle School teacher, Ms. Erin Stoll, had to say about Tommie; ”Tommie, or Dimick as I like to call him, is in my 4th-hour class. Our lunch falls during 4th hour, which means we come to class, go to lunch, and then come back to class. Every day, Tommie accompanies one of his classmates to lunch because he needs assistance with going through the line.  When they get to the cafeteria, Tommie goes through the lunch line for him, makes sure that he’s getting all of the sides that he likes, and then takes his tray to the table where he sits.  Only after Tommie retrieves his friend lunch, does he get to go get his own lunch. Even though he sometimes has to stand in line to get his own lunch, he does not complain. This is just one of the things that Tommie selflessly does for his friends.  He’s such a cool kid to be around and I am nominating him because I don’t want his kindness to go unnoticed. I want him to understand and realize that these small gestures of kindness and compassion are what make him so great!”
Do the Right Thing is a police-backed, non-profit organization that recognizes positive behaviors and actions of area children. Out of hundreds of nominations, Tommie was chosen as one of only ten recipients of this month’s award. 
Updated: 11 Apr 2018 — 11:16 am
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