Ste. Genevieve Elementary Holds DARE Graduation

Recently, Ste. Genevieve Elementary held its DARE Graduation, where fifth grade students participate in a 10-week program taught by School Resource Officer Christy Clark, culminating in the graduation ceremony. 

DARE is a nationally recognized program where local law enforcement officials introduce students to the dangers of alcohol and drugs through positive interaction. Over the weeks, the students focus on lessons covering a wide range of topics, including how to make safe and responsible choices, how to respond to peer pressure using resistant strategies, how to communicate effectively (both verbally and non-verbally), how to report bullying, and how to access help networks. After completing the program, the students received certificates to mark their completion of the program. At the graduation ceremony, students listened to words of advice from senior Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) officers Emma Johns and Shaun Uzzell.  The program was broadcast virtually this year to allow parents to share in their accomplishment. Congratulations to all of our fifth graders for graduating from the program!