EMPLOYEE Spotlight

Peggy Henry

“In a time when we have been chronically understaffed, Peggy has been a reliable, dedicated employee who has stepped up to fill in the gaps. She put in an incredible amount of time & effort to ensure that areas are cleaned, organized & sanitized for our students and staff."

- Peggy Henry, Staff Member of the Month

Erin Jokerst

“Erin jumps right in to brainstorm how to get something accomplished, generating ideas on how to make events and projects both fun and manageable. Her support with staff appreciation events throughout the year has greatly boosted morale!”

- Erin Jokerst, Staff Member of the Month

Rian Miles

“Rian quickly picked up the job & responsibilities & is always willing to help his teammates. He has a wonderful personality that brings light to the kitchen. He is always smiling & excitedly greeting the students. We are so happy to have Rian as part of the cafeteria crew!"

- Rian Miles, Staff Member of the Month

Chrissy Gettinger

“Chrissy is friendly and approachable, and her experience regarding tasks that must be completed for Board meetings assures that we align with what we have done in the past, while allowing room to update appropriate processes as we move forward. Thank you, Chrissy!”

- Chrissy Gettinger, Staff Member of the Month

Joann Grein

“Day in and day out, Mrs. Grein comes to school with a huge heart and passion to help her students succeed. She is always positive and upbeat. Even when working through difficult situations, Mrs. Grein always puts students first and does what is best for them.”

- Joann Grein, Staff Member of the Month

Duane Schwent

“Duane consistently exhibits commitment and skill in in our maintenance department. His hard work and dedication to keeping our facilities in top-notch condition have not gone unnoticed. He is a great team player, always willing to lend a helping hand and collaborate."

- Duane Schwent, Staff Member of the Month

Shelly Dallas

“Mrs. Dallas has the biggest heart, and genuinely cares about our students and staff. She can keep the atmosphere fun, and she knows how to make anyone feel like part of our SG family.”

- Shelly Dallas, Staff Member of the Month