Megan Donovan

“Megan is incredibly organized, and her attention to detail has been invaluable. Not only is Megan a rock star in her position, but she is helpful, she is kind, and her vibrant personality always brightens our day.”

- District Staff Member of the Month Megan Donovan

Mary Gettinger

"Mary has been very helpful with her new teammates this year. She is always willing to answer questions and direct them in the right direction. Mary's positive attitude has been refreshing!"

- District Staff Member of the Month Mary Gettinger

Brittany Gegg

"Brittany did a wonderful job at spearheading and organizing our first Retirement and Recognition Banquet in three years! Not only is she detail-oriented, conscientious, and dependable, but Brittany exudes kindness and calm, even in times of chaos! Thank you for all that you do for our district!"

- District Staff Member of the Month Brittany Gegg

Lance Reed

"Lance takes pride in his work and always brings a calm demeanor to every situation. He is easy to work with and goes about solving problems thoroughly and efficiently. Thank you for everything you do to keep our district running smoothly for our students and staff!"

- District Staff Member of the Month Lance Reed

Marc Chibitty

"Marc is our behind-the-scenes superhero! He wants to do the job well, and he takes pride in his work. He takes care of us, and always has an infectious, bright attitude. His motivational notes are always a hit, and we appreciate all that he does for us around the district!"

- District Staff Member of the Month Marc Chibitty

Mariah Roth

"Mariah brings so much knowledge, enthusiasm & passion to our department! Mariah is always thinking of new and innovative ideas and solutions. She not only provides excellent care to students and staff, she is kindhearted & empathetic, striving to make connections with each student she encounters."

- District Staff Member of the Month Mariah Roth


"Jason is beyond dedicated to the SG R-II School District! He loves his job and always goes out of his way to help everyone. Jason is also well-known for devouring food that is made with love—especially Mrs. Lori Roth's candy-covered pretzels! 😂 We are so fortunate to have him in the Tech Dept!"

- District Staff Member Jason Bauman

Crystal Jarvis

"Crystal is always ready to jump in and assist our kids with anything they might need. She promotes good decision-making and independence, and she is proactive and dependable. Crystal has fresh ideas and is a real problem-solver. Thank you for all that you do for our students, Crystal! You rock!"

- District Staff Member Crystal Jarvis