EMPLOYEE Spotlight

Ashley Regelsperger

“Mrs. Regelsperger is patient with her students, communicates well with all, & has such a cheerful, happy attitude. She is always happy to answer questions when they come up. She is very helpful with ideas, activities, & tips that work well with our students!"

- April — Ashley Regelsperger

Miranda Hines

“Ms. Hines is such a champion for her students! She works diligently with them to build and reinforce skills. She is calm in high-stress situations. We love her silly sayings and the humor she has with the kids. Thank you for being such an amazing part of our SGE family!”

- April — Miranda Hines

Steph & Amelia

“These ladies make quite the team in the office! Steph is a ray of sunshine—always so kind, happy, & helpful! She deals with daily dismissals, daily duties, & helps to calm panicked teachers & parents. She is friendly & eager to help both teachers & students. Amelia greets everyone with a friendly smile! Amelia helped to coordinate Kindergarten registration & ensured that all went smoothly. We appreciate how hard she works to keep enrollment & data organized.”

- March — Steph & Amelia

Johna Bequette

“Mrs. Bequette does it ALL. She is organized, helps her team, does all the extras, & loves all of her students. Johna works hard to prepare engaging lessons & activities for her students. They enjoy her class. She also works hard to spread the great news about school-wide activities via Facebook and works to design the yearbook each year. Johna is such a strong, creative leader for our grade level and building. Thank you for being so AMAZING, Mrs. Bequette!”

- March — Johna Bequette

Heather Ehlers

“Heather is such a great teacher who is always putting her students first & planning to meet each student’s individual needs. She is phenomenal! She truly cares about what is best for her students, pushes them to their fullest potential & builds positive relationships with each one. Heather is also very flexible & a great communicator. She is positive, & it shows in her interactions that she LOVES her job! We are so fortunate to have her!”

- February — Heather Ehlers

Coral Pirkle

“Coral goes anywhere and everywhere she is needed. She is always positive and willing to help. Coral is a blessing to the SPED team. She is a kind voice and smiling face to our kiddos who need it the most. Coral is so sweet and is very thoughtful in her interactions with both students and staff. She truly cares and wants the best for SGE. Thank you Coral for being an amazing para!”

- February — Coral Pirkle

Becky Aubuchon

“Becky is the absolute best. She is always smiling & works well with our students with special needs. She is very patient with all students, but especially with students who are having a difficult time. She takes on a lot & is kind and considerate in all of her interactions with both students & adults. She treats everyone with respect & speaks positively in all situations. Thank you for being an amazing part of our SGE family!”

- January — Becky Aubuchon

Haley Schnitzler

“Mrs. Schnitzler is a FANTASTIC art teacher. Haley works hard to create exciting and engaging projects for her students. She also leads the art POWER group during her plan time. Haley jumps in to help whenever she can. She’s always smiling and is fair to the students in her class. Way to be an Art Work All Star, Haley!”

- January — Haley Schnitzler

Steph Kuenzel

“No matter what needs to be done to help students or teachers, Mrs. Kuenzel can be counted on. She is patient, kind, helpful & does her job so well, no matter the subject. She has a calm demeanor, which makes her a joy to work with.”

- December — Steph Kuenzel

Sara Roth

“Mrs. Roth has a smile on her face all the time, spreading joy to her students and peers. She is always so kind, generous and extremely thoughtful. Mrs. Roth consistently strives to give her students a memorable school year. She loves the kids, and they love her.”

- December — Sara Roth

Ashley Decker

“Mrs. Decker is patient & kind with our students, especially those with great challenges with communication & behavior. She does everything with a smile on her face, even when times can be challenging. She loves her students, & they love her, too!"

- November — Ashley Decker

Lacey Bauman

“Mrs. Bauman did a phenomenal job with the Veterans Day program. She takes great pride in her job & has a passion for music, which transfers to the students. Students look forward to going to Music, because they absolutely adore her. She helps to make SGE a special place!”

- November — Lacey Bauman

Jennifer Sutton

“Mrs. Sutton is in & out of classrooms, creating centers, & is quick to offer ideas. Jen is helpful with lesson planning, making assessments, providing resources, prepping math stations & planning units. She is calm, patient, and fosters positive relationships!"

- October — Jennifer Sutton

Patty Naeger

“Ms. Patty Naeger is AMAZING! Patty works hard to make sure the building is neat and clean. She makes all students and staff feel cared for and important. Patty is always chatting with students and getting to know them. She is the glue that keeps us all together!”

- October — Patty Naeger

Jaclyn Oechsner

“Mrs. Jaclyn Oechsner is is always seeking to do her best, and has brought an exciting momentum to her team! She has great ideas and exhibits great leadership skills. She is an AMAZING team member and has been ROCKING IT! We are so lucky to have her!”

- September — Jaclyn Oechsner

Ashley Gretzmacher

“Ms. Gretzmacher has stepped into her new role and is ROCKING IT! She goes out of her way to help, and has been an awesome resource in the classrooms. She has been an AMAZING addition to our SGE team!”

- September — Ashley Gretzmacher