Middle School Band Students Perform with Flutes

Recently, our Ste. Genevieve Middle School second- and third-year band students performed for the fifth grade students at our elementary schools. These performances help introduce students to the instrumental music courses available at SGMS. 

SGMS Band teacher Mrs. Lindsey Elders kicked off the performances with a hands-on activity, where fifth grade student volunteers  played the bucket drums. The middle school students then performed a few musical selections for the students, including Go Big Green, where the fifth grade students could participate through the accompanying cheer. 

Mrs. Elders explained that any sixth, seventh, or eighth grade student has the opportunity to request two different music courses as one of their chosen electives:

  • Beginning Band, (a year-long course) where students learn to play brass, woodwind and percussion instruments

  • Fundamentals of Music (a NEW one-semester course) where students are introduced to the guitar, bass guitar, drum set, and bucket drumming

Both of these courses are available for all three grades (6 -8) to participate. 

Mrs. Elders emphasized these following points: 

  • Students can borrow a band instrument from the school for a one-time fee of $25 for the entire year. Participating in band, in the vast majority of cases, is extremely affordable for SG R-II families. 

  • The school has guitars that students can play for free in the fundamentals of music course. This new one-semester course fits easily in student schedules. 

Middle school students also pointed out to the younger students that being involved in various activities, including different clubs and sports teams, doesn’t keep them from taking a band course or participating in other extracurricular activities!

If families have questions or want further information regarding the opportunity to participate in instrumental music classes at SGMS please e-mail Mrs. Lindsey Elders, SGMS Band Director at lelders@sgdragons.org or reach out at (573)-883-4500 (ext. 2339).