Shamrock Donuts Creates Bloomsdale Elementary Students’ Donuts  & Chooses Three for Flavor of the Month

Recently, the fifth grade students at Bloomsdale Elementary put their persuasive writing skills to the test in a fun and imaginative way! The students were tasked with persuading the local donut shop, Shamrock Donuts, to choose their donut that they each personally designed to be the next flavor of the month!

Sherry Hill, the general manager of Shamrock Donuts, asked her employees to look through each of the students’ essays and descriptions and to vote on three winners, who would each have a flavor of the month. We are excited to share that the three winners were Adalynn Venz with her “Morning Campfire” donut, Evan Bley with his “Fat John” donut, and Carson French with his “Breakfast Donut!” These three donuts will be available for purchase at the Bloomsdale location! 

And not only did Shamrock Donuts offer to make these three donuts a reality, but they decided to make this experience even more special for all of the fifth graders, and they created every one of the students’ individual donuts—designed according to their persuasive writing piece! The teachers surprised the students in class, where they each opened a box with their one-of-a-kind donut inside. 

The fifth grade students, their teachers and the administration would like to share a heartfelt thank you to Sherry Hill and the employees of Shamrock Donuts for spending their time, their supplies and their artistic abilities to give life to the students’ imaginations!