SGHS Students Recognized in Mineral Area College’s  Creative Writing Contest

Congratulations to two SGHS students who were recognized as winners for their submissions in Mineral Area College’s Creative Writing Contest this school year! Lily Boyd and Arie Taylor each wrote and submitted a literary piece for the Mineral Area Council of the Arts’ first ever writing contest. The theme for the contest was The Journey, and was open to two groups—high school students in 10th through 12th grades, and adults. Submissions could be entered into three different categories: poetry, essay and short story. Entries were judged anonymously by authors and educators in the field of English and communications.

Arie Taylor wrote a short story, explaining that her writing style fits best in this format. She knew she wanted her story to focus on a personal success, overcoming something that was hard to deal with and hard to talk about. She decided to write about a Vietnam soldier returning from war and working through the effects of his experiences. “Over the last several decades, veterans have been honored for their service, but many didn’t receive the help they needed with mental and emotional setbacks,” she said. “Even though my story is fiction, I wanted a topic that would make people think a little more about this real issue.” Her short story can be read here.

Lily Boyd wrote an essay rather than a short story or poem, because she feels most families with that style of writing. The theme of her piece centers on the idea that love can conquer all by telling the story of a couple whose relationship and life they build together is challenged by difficult times. “I hope that others will read my essay and be inspired not to give up in difficult times,” she said. Her essay can be read here.

Both students were invited to attend a Creative Writing Workshop at Farmington Public Library, featuring author Karen Sargent as the guest presenter, and were offered the opportunity to read aloud their winning pieces.  Congratulations to both students on their recognitions!