Ste. Genevieve Elementary Hosts Habit Leader Parade

Ste. Genevieve Elementary held their Habit Leader Parade on Friday, May 7, celebrating their 2020-2021 Habit Leaders.

These students are chosen as Habit Leaders by living and learning the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People each and every day. They show tremendous leadership, follow expectations and lead the way for their peers.

During the parade, the students made a lap around the school, waving and being recognized for being chosen as Habit Leaders! At the end of the parade route, each student had their photo taken walking down the red carpet under an SGE Habit Leader banner! 

Throughout the year, teachers and administrators surprise the students at home with yard signs to celebrate! Ste. Genevieve Elementary would like to thank the local groups and businesses who sponsored the Habit Leader Signs at Ste. Genevieve Elementary; their dedication to our students and community is appreciated!

The first quarter habit leaders included: 

  • Early Childhood/Preschool: Wyatt Mertzlufft, Jude McKinney, Noah McKinney

  • Kindergarten: Blake Ellett, Lexus Evans, Sadie Davitz, Haley Sumner, Relia Woods, Colbi Rayoum

  • 1st Grade: Cameron Kueker, Aliylah DeClue, Ethan Hurst, Elliett Brethold

  • 2nd Grade: Jordyn Horton, Hayes Kreitler, Collin Gegg, Laura Ann Wood, Kyleigh Mitchem

  • 3rd Grade: Vivien Naeger, Letty Adams, Trent Strader, Emmelyn Clayton, Dominic Jeter

  • 4th Grade: James Roth, James (JD) Loudenback, Jacob Farrenburg, Chloe McGonigle, Payton Weibrecht

  • 5th Grade: Paige Schwent, Zaylee Driemeyer, Nino Batucan, Ava Zerwig

The second quarter habit leaders included: 

  • Early Childhood/Preschool: Brooklyn Jett, Austin Latour

  • Kindergarten: Rhaya Palmer, Laney Jokerst, Carter Ochs, Sawyer Nesslein, Brady Shuh, Lenora Rousey

  • 1st Grade: Elliot Rayoum, Madelyn McKinney, Monroe Kelley, Kenzlie Burle

  • 2nd Grade: Brennan Garcia, Willeyum Uhrich, Khloe Yount, Ella Pecaut, Brooke Jokerst

  • 3rd Grade: Lexie Grither, Tess Huffman, Elliana Moore, Jaden Jordan, Braylee Fallert

  • 4th Grade: Emma Jokerst, Lydia Brown, Blake Grass, Parker Meyer, Chase Clinger

  • 5th Grade: Dane Evelsizer, Ricky Ditch, Rihana Hoskins, Cadence Lanterman

The third quarter habit leaders included: 

  • Early Childhood/Preschool: Chase Ellett, Carter Lewis

  • Kindergarten: Gunner Gegg, Ruby Wibbenmeyer, Brooke Grither, Maya Deimund, Emery Winston

  • 1st Grade: Layla Arnold, Brayden Mathis, Hope Clayton, Allymay Huck, Scarlet Brown

  • 2nd Grade: Olivia Vickers, Charleigh Hilbert, Lauran Carnes, Michael Heberlie, Alyvia Woodard

  • 3rd Grade: Ellie Pinkley, Sophia Cox, Autumn Wolfin, Natalee Bova

  • 4th Grade: Barrett Bowers, Trenton Miller, Abigail Ross, Aubree Worley, Gunner Amsden, Rori Hughes

  • 5th Grade: Sophia Vaeth, Hailey Davis, Trevor Schmelzle, Gabi Watts

The fourth quarter habit leaders included: 

  • Early Childhood/Preschool: Hazel Mills, Noah Haven

  • Kindergarten: Carter Brown, Linzie Bohnert, Kynleigh LeClere, Aurora Ridings, Aubree Davis, Nora Roth

  • 1st Grade: Lincoln Palmer, Bentley Parson, Vivianmei Mitchell, Kennedie Heberlie

  • 2nd Grade: Lucas Beck, Lucas Winston, Tristan Matthews, Jaxson Boland, Tommy Keith

  • 3rd Grade: Avery Schwent, Trusten Fite, Olivia Cole, Ruby Cox, Monica Fallert

  • 4th Grade: Lucy Wildhaber, Ethan Boyer, Ashton Knoll, Thymely Henderson

  • 5th Grade: Kimberly Banderas, Kaia Plati, Nate Tartt, Alexis Wright