Ste. Genevieve Elementary 5th Grade Students  Perform Annual Guitar & Percussion Concert

Recently, the Ste. Genevieve Elementary fifth grade students showed just how much effort and determination they put into their music class this year, despite the various obstacles COVID-19 presented. The three classes came together to perform a medley of songs for their families in the Performing Arts Center. Each year, the students learn to play the guitar and hone their percussion skills, and then perform together as a group in the spring. Some of this year’s songs included Eleanor Rigby; Ring of Fire; Take Me Home, Country Roads; Sweet Home, Chicago; and Blackbird. The day before the big concert, during practice, music teacher Lacey Bauman gave the students an inspiring pep talk, congratulating them on their hard work and abilities to learn how to play these songs during a tumultuous year, and reminded them that their performance would be a little extra special this year, because they would be bringing much-needed joy to their parents and grandparents. And that is exactly what they did!