Bloomsdale Elementary First Graders Cultivate a Growth Mindset Through Inventions

Recently, first grade teachers at Bloomsdale Elementary read “The Most Magnificent Thing” by Ashley Spires, which shares the ideas of perseverance and a growth mindset! In the book, the main character is a creative little girl who conceptualizes and strives to build the most magnificent thing! When she becomes discouraged, she takes a walk with her dog, and returns to her project with renewed enthusiasm and finishes her creation! The classes discussed how the students could take this lesson and make a connection—they could strive to create a tool or an item for their classroom, and work their imaginations through the difficult part of design and construction, just like the character in the book. Students came up with their own ideas, designed, and carried out their projects. It took serious synergizing and perseverance for their inventions to come out just as they planned!