Fifth Graders Take On Find Your Voice Project

This year, fifth grade students at Bloomsdale Elementary are participating in a new year-long project through Mrs. Amy Rowland’s Counseling program. This new  effort is called the Find Your Voice Project, and is based upon the 8th Leader in Me Habit that focuses on using your unique talent or passion to make a positive difference.

The students were challenged to give back to their school and community before they leave Bloomsdale Elementary in May! She offered them several ideas from which to choose, and each student selected the project that most fit their strengths, interests and personalities. The list of projects included a toy drive in honor of Adley Berkbigler, helping with kindergarten, volunteering at the Bloomsdale Elementary Carnival, creating fleece blankets for the Ste. Genevieve County Memorial Hospital, creating posters for the carnival, or creating something to donate to the carnival. See more about these projects below:

  • Toy Drive for Adley: Students who chose this project collected toys for St. Louis Children's Hospital in Adley Berkbigler’s honor. Adley is the daughter of Brian and Sam Berkbigler. Adley was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma in the spring of 2020. She spent many days at St. Louis Children’s Hospital before passing away in June 2021. Adley’s older sisters Makayla, Kimberly and Brynlee attend Bloomsdale Elementary. Adley’s grandmother, Cheryl Berkbigler, is a special education teacher at Bloomsdale Elementary. Students gave up their recess time to create posters and a video publicizing this fundraiser. This toy drive was held from Nov. 29 to Dec. 3, and the students raised 439 toys!

  • Kindergarten Helpers: Students who chose this project are already working with students in the mornings before school to help them learn to read. 

  • Carnival Volunteers: Students who chose this project will attend the Bloomsdale Elementary Carnival in the spring to volunteer their time. These students will work a shift and run one of the games with an adult. 

  • Blankets for SGCMH: Students who chose this project have begun working on their fleece blankets, which they can create either at home or during recess time. These will be donated to Ste. Genevieve County Memorial Hospital.

  • Posters for Carnival: Students who chose this project will create a poster to advertise for the carnival either at home or during recess time. 

  • Making Donations: Students who chose this project are using their own resources, time and creativity to create something at home to donate to the Bloomsdale Elementary Carnival in the spring! Proceeds from the carnival will go to the Bloomsdale PTO.

Mrs. Rowland acts as the students’ accountability partner and is facilitating parts of the project with the PTO. “Part of what our students love about this project this year is that every kid has the opportunity to choose their path, and this reinforces their ability to find their voice, to cultivate their strengths and their interests while giving back,” Mrs. Rowland said. “We are incredibly proud of our students. Every one of our fifth grade students is playing a part, and learning what it means to both lead and be of service to others.”