October Student of the Month

Ste. Genevieve Middle School is proud to recognize both September and October Leaders of the Month. The focus for September was being Proactive. 

  • 6th Grade Leader of the Month is Seth Fischer.  Seth’s teacher says that Seth makes it a point to come to school early to talk to his teachers to make sure he is prepared for the day and week.  He also blew the "shave head" fundraiser out of the water!!!!

  • 7th Grade Leader of the Month is Shaylin Hampton.  Shaylin takes it upon herself to get her work done on time and in great effort.  When something does not meet expectations, she takes ownership of the mistake and tries to learn from it.  

  • 8th Grade Leader of the Month is Collin Fritsch.  Collin always attempts to plan ahead. He is responsible and a leader as he attempts to motivate every single student in class.  

The October habit is to Begin With the End in Mind. 

  • 6th Grade Leader of the Month is Hayden Heberlie. Hayden always is planning ahead with his homework and studying several days before his tests.  He does a great job planning his assignments out so that he is doing most important first.

  • 7th Grade Leader of the Month is Isabella Hutson.  Izzy begins with the end in mind with her resilient effort in the classroom.  She always sets goals for herself and has a plan to execute these actions.

  • 8th Grade Leader of the Month is Jamison Kemper.  Jamison represents SGMS is a Positive Manner in Athletics, Band, and academically.  She thinks ahead and makes smart decisions!

The Habits are from the The Leader in Me program. Habits that students are learning focus on goal setting, initiative, responsibility, time management, organization, vision, and integrity.