Ste. Genevieve R-II Educators Undertake  Science of Reading Professional Development

Fourteen of our Ste. Genevieve County R-II educators took the lead in expanding their knowledge on the Science of Reading this school year. This group completed the first year of a two-year process for Language Essentials for Reading and Spelling training. Through this process, teachers acquire the ability to assess, identify skill mastery, instruct, and provide targeted intervention for students learning to read—from language acquisition, to sound-letter association, to decoding text, understanding vocabulary, and then final comprehension. Teachers walk away from this experience feeling more confident in how to address the reading needs of their students. 

With the State of Missouri intently focused on the Science of Reading to ensure literacy success, our district offered this professional development opportunity. The group of educators consist of: speech language pathologist Lindsay Anderson, speech language pathologist Ashley Regelsperger, special education teacher Cheryl Berkbigler, special education teacher Cassie Portell, special education teacher Paige James, reading coach Emily Basler, reading interventionist Lynette Pfaff, reading interventionist Megan Kueker, special education teacher Joe Cox, special education teacher Whitney Hilbert, special education teacher Ashley Bauman, special education teacher Tyne Huck, special education teacher Ryan Mueller, and special education teacher Lacie Ritter.