Bloomsdale Elementary First Grade Students  Launch Sweets Shops & Donate Funds

First grade students at Bloomsdale Elementary recently launched three different sweet shops as a project-based learning activity with Counselor Amy Rowland! The goal is to offer students a hands-on learning experience of how to run a business. Each class decided upon a theme, came up with their shop name, created promotional videos, and then applied for positions in their enterprise, including cashier, delivery, sales, decorations, security and clean-up crew. 

The students in Mrs. Emily Schlueter’s class named their business Cupcake Madness, where they bought and then sold colorful cupcakes! The students in Mrs. Ashley Grein’s class named their business Sweet Peeps, where they bought and then sold iced sugar cookies with a class Peep on the side! The students in Mrs. Beier’s class named their business Mrs. Beier’s Donut Shop, where they sold this fun treat to students and faculty and staff! Groups of student employees prepared and delivered desserts around the school to students and staff members who submitted orders. Staff members also visited the shops to order yummy desserts. Fifth grade students helped the younger students with their deliveries. These treats were acquired from local businesses and individuals, including Hoeckele's Bakery, 3 Sugars Baking, and more!

Mrs. Schlueter’s class raised $406.34 from their shop, which they donated to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital; Mrs. Grein’s class raised $164.90 for Bloomsdale Elementary’s PTO; and Mrs. Beier’s class raised $169.25 for the Ste. Genevieve County Memorial Hospital Auxiliary to buy flowers for those in the hospital.