Bloomsdale Elementary Fifth Grade Students Hold  Second Annual Book Tasting Event

Bloomsdale Elementary fifth grade students in Mrs. Jaclyn Oechsner’s class recently held their second annual book-tasting event, where the classroom is set up cafe-style and students discuss books they have read recently while sipping hot chocolate!

Earlier this year, students had the opportunity to choose a book to read from a list provided by Mrs. Oechsner, and then they created a visual book report on their choice, which included the plot, characters, and character traits. Some of these books included “Wings of Fire” by Tui T. Sutherland, “Millionaires for the Month” by Stacy McAnulty, “The Forgotten Girl” by India Hill Brown, and more! Then, during the book-tasting, students walked around the classroom and visited their classmates’ visual reports. The students read through the summaries and then had to choose three books they would like to read next!