SGHS Students Participate in Job Olympics

Congratulations to our students who participated recently in the Southeast Missouri Job Olympics held in Farmington and co-hosted by Ste. Genevieve High School. This was the first year that our SG R-II students competed in the event. 

Job Olympics is a competition developed to promote transition and employability skills for a broad spectrum of high school students in special education from different schools throughout the region. Competitions representing real-world job and employment situations are judged by community members, business owners and professionals in education. 

This year, four members of our local Rotarians volunteered to judge the activities: Brian Keim, Jami Drury, Josh Wright, and Steph Gremminger. Not only did some of our students compete in this competition, but Mrs. Sarah Politte’s Work Experience class helped with preparations for the event by utilizing their new Copy Center. These students then also volunteered to help out at the event: Dustin Abt, Shyanne Gegg, Dakotah Medows, and Trevor Roberts.

Throughout the day, students compete in events such as table-setting, sorting laundry, custodial skills, folding towels, hanging clothes, sorting mail, and much more. The goal of these events is to engage students in a wide variety of job skills that play to their strengths. Our students who participated included: Sasha Gallup, Logan Naeger and Lena Wallman.

Check out our students’ accomplishments in the events below!

Sasha Gallup:

  • Laundry Sorting — 3rd Place

  • Application and Interview — 3rd Place

  • Vacuuming — 3rd Place

Logan Naeger:

  • Interview — 2nd Place

  • Wiping Tables — 1st Place

  • Setting Tables — 2nd Place

Lena Wallman:

  • Laundry Sorting — 2nd Place

  • Application and Interview — 2nd Place

  • Vacuuming — 2nd Place

Congratulations to the students on their performances, and we would like to share a big thank you to our local Rotarians, as well as to Mrs. Politte and her students for their help with making this event a success!