Fall Sports Achieve Scholastic Achievement

Congrats to the following Fall Sports Teams on achieving a MSHSAA Scholastic Achievement Award for team GPA.  A team GPA of 3.00-3.24 earns a Distinguished Achievement Award and a team GPA of 3.25-4.00 earns an Outstanding Achievement Award.  In addition, 9 of the 11 fall teams that were eligible earned one of the two awards!

Distinguished Awards (Team GPA of 3.00-3.24)
Varsity Football- 3.00
Freshmen Football- 3.10

Outstanding Awards (Team GPA of 3.25-4.00)

Boys Cross Country- 3.25
Girls Golf- 3.28
Girls Cross Country- 3.36
Cheerleading- 3.49
Varsity Volleyball- 3.66
Fresh. Volleyball- 3.88
JV Volleyball- 3.92