The students pose for a group photo with their certificates.

Ste. Genevieve Elementary celebrated the February Student of the Month on Friday, March 8. The students were chosen for their leadership qualities, and each student enjoyed a luncheon with the principal, assistant principal, and school counselor. They were also awarded with a certificate, pin and ice cream treat!


  • First row: Sylar Tague, Hayes Kreitler, Alexi Grass, Miles Ditch, Brooke Jokerst, Lena Hughes, Kenzie Decker, and Joshua Haines
  • Middle row: Ava Gamel, Connor Hill, Audrey Dielschneider, Ava Rayoum, Shane Morris, Josh Huff, Dane Evelsizer, and Trevor Schmelzle
  • Back row: Jett Weibrecht, Wyatt Richman, Raya Kreitler, John Finley, Connor Grass, Brandon Bequette, and Jacob Sulser
  • Not pictured: Lucy Wildhaber, Samantha Parmley, Colten Lay, and Sofia Coleman