Ste. Genevieve Elementary Hosts POWER Leader Ceremony

Ste. Genevieve Elementary held their first and second quarter POWER Leader Ceremony on Thursday, Jan. 12, celebrating their 2022-2023 POWER Leaders!

Each quarter, a student from each classroom at Ste. Genevieve Elementary is recognized by the classroom teacher as someone who stands out based on character, behavior, and leadership qualities. If a student has been chosen three times as a Power Leader, they enter the Hall of Fame for their achievement. 

Please join us in recognizing and celebrating our first semester POWER leaders: 

  • Early Childhood/Preschool: Quaid Lurk, Aaron Moeser, Porter Robinson, AJ Robles

  • Kindergarten: Olivia Dowdy, Isabel Huck, Mia Jokerst, Elizabeth Kelly, JoLynn Koetting, Aleksander Kwan, Gabe Langley, Layla Rhinehart, Emme Thompson, Skylar Weathers, Sadie Wolk, Jonny Woods

  • 1st Grade: Laynie Gegg, Christopher Hart, Gus Hill, Dominic Huck, Maggie Kellum, Nova Lacey, Kase Langeneckert, Hazel Mills, Addilyn Reynolds, Selena Underwood

  • 2nd Grade: Aubree Davis, Sadie Davitz, Lexus Evans, Gunner Gegg, Henry Gegg, Brooke Grither, Brayden Hutson, Magnolia Naeger, Madalyn Portwood, Nora Roth

  • 3rd Grade: Elliett Brethold, Scarlet Brown, Audrey Gegg, Zoey Grass, Chloe Hill, Mason Hurst, Kanaan Kwan, Elliot Rayoum

  • 4th Grade: Sadie Barr, Chevy Davis, Michael Heberlie, Lillian Howard, Blake Langeneckert, Miles Lanterman, Hayden Sumner, Khloe Yount

  • 5th Grade: Ryker Basler, Emmelyn Clayton, Kindall Coleman, Oliver Gegg, Dominic Jeter, Bailey Rayoum, Avery Schwent, Shaelyn Wolk

Congratulations to our first semester Hall of Fame POWER leaders: Elliett Brethold, Emmalyn Clayton, Kindall Coleman, Chevy Davis, Sadie Davitz, Lexus Evans, Gunner Gegg, Zoey Grass, Brooke Grither, Chole Hill, Bailey Rayoum, Elliot Rayoum, Nora Roth, Avery Schwent, Hayden Sumner.

Throughout the year, teachers and administrators surprise the students at home with yard signs to celebrate! Ste. Genevieve Elementary would like to thank the local groups and businesses who sponsored the POWER Leader Signs at Ste. Genevieve Elementary; their dedication to our students and community is appreciated!