Land of Smiles Performs for Elementary Students

This past semester, students at both Ste. Genevieve Elementary and Bloomsdale Elementary had the opportunity to interact with the Land of Smiles program, a fun, age-appropriate show that teaches children in kindergarten through third grade about good oral health care. Delta Dental has been providing the Land of Smiles program to schools since 2002 and has visited more than 1.4 million children in Missouri and South Carolina.

This program includes an interactive skit, where the performers engage and educate students through demonstrations of proper brushing and flossing techniques, while discussing foods that are good and bad for their teeth and reinforcing the importance of visiting the dentist regularly.

In the skit, Captain Super Grin, champion of dental hygiene, defeats his nemesis Caz Cavity, with the help of sidekicks Terri Tooth Fairy and Toothpick! Throughout the adventure, the characters engage with the students and reinforce good dental habits. The students enjoyed laughing at the antics of the characters, all while learning how to keep their teeth clean and healthy.


About Land of Smiles Program


Delta Dental has been providing the Land of Smiles® show since 2002, reaching more than 90,000 children at approximately 425 Missouri and South Carolina schools each year. The program is offered to schools both virtually and in-person. The virtual Land of Smiles experience is an online video that will take children on an adventure exploring the importance of brushing our teeth twice a day, flossing, eating healthy foods and visiting the dentist.