SGMS Student Council Students Lead Snowman Activity  with Kindergarten Students

Recently, our Ste. Genevieve Middle School Student Council members planned snowman-themed activities for Ste. Genevieve Elementary kindergarten students! The middle school students came up with the idea of reading the younger classes books about snowmen before then leading a hands-on snowman craft!

The following Student Council members visited the kindergarten classes: Nate Basler, Kennedy Bowen, Clara Carlson, Dane Evelsizer, McKenzie Greer, Becca Palmer, Jake Parker, Kierstyn Reeves and Kate Rowland. They read: “A Snowman Named Just Bob” by Mark Kimball Moulton, “The Biggest, Best Snowman” by Margery Cuyler, and “The Snowman Storybook” by Raymond Briggs.

The kindergarten students enjoyed the visits from the older students, and couldn’t wait to create their own snowmen out of construction paper and cotton balls after storytime! The middle school students gave directions on the steps for creating the snowmen, and offered help with prepping cotton balls, cutting and gluing! The end result was dozens of smiles, learning from others and a group of festive snowmen! Let it snow!