Ste. Genevieve Elementary and Bloomsdale Elementary Schools  Participate in Annual Career Day

Fourth and fifth graders from both Bloomsdale Elementary and Ste. Genevieve Elementary schools attended Career Day on Monday, March 4, at the Performing Arts Center.

Ten different careers were represented by parents and family members of students. Each person was given 15 minutes to share about his or her career and then answer questions from students. Gavin Gegg, a fifth-grade student from Ste. Genevieve Elementary, proudly presented on his 3-D printed keychains.

This was a collaborative effort between both building counselors and students. Ste. Genevieve Elementary Counselor Jesika Greminger enlisted her student volunteers tell jokes, introduce the speakers and keep track of the timed sessions. Bloomsdale Elementary Counselor Amy Rowland enlisted her student volunteers to write thank you notes to the speakers who so graciously gave their time.

We appreciate the following parents for volunteering their day to educate our students:

  • Rikki Schaefer - Physician Assistant

  • Kyle Schaefer - Electrical Engineer

  • Sam Savat - Hair Stylist

  • Heather Kertz - Human Resources

  • Nathan Bauman - Riverboat Captain

  • Jill Beckerman - Insurance Agent

  • Jeff Dorenkamp - Sheriff Deputy

  • Melissa Gallup - Vocational Counselor

  • Lisa Gansner - Dance Instructor

  • Larry Pfaff - Firefighter